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Petite Friture and Constance Guisset, an inseparable duo with lofty ambitions, have started a new chapter of the Vertigo story with Vertigo Nova: a highly technical piece of sophisticated design.

The vast veil of graphic lines mounted atop a sphere of handblown glass uses built-in LED technology to emit a soft light.

A line that comes in black or white, for two subtly different moods: opalescent white on white, or ashen grey on black for the pinnacle of sophistication.

  • In white, light bursts out of the globe bathing the room in luxuriant rays.
  • The light’s designer describes the subdued mood of the delicate glow in its black version as “light becoming a sensation and a glowing presence, like the soft haze of frosted glass, it creates mystery.” Constance Guisset

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