Kinx: Design and Functionality, in a single word

Kinx:  Design and Functionality, in a single word

FontanaArte desk lamp designed by Karim Rashid

Designed by Karim Rashid, Kinx is a LED desk lamp that is distinguished for its functional simplicity and ability to conjoin technology and minimal design.
Simple, curved lines for a lamp conceived as a luminous loop, with a structure both minimal and robust, that seems born from a single pencil line on a sheet of paper that has suddenly come to life as an innovative, ultra-contemporary design object.


The adjustable head is built in aluminum and allows the user to point the light in a range of directions, thanks to its 30° rotation. The unusual buttonhole form of the head houses an LED tube with adjustable light levels, an intensity of 940 lumens and a color temperatura of 2700K, which provides a warm light that’s ideal for reading and writing. The unique form of the head ensures uniform direct light, expressly designed to strike the work surface vertically so as to illuminate any visual task in a uniform way. As such, the light flow is optimized and significantly reduces the likelihood of annoying shadows.

The regulation of the intensity is indispensable for adapting the light flow to the shifts in luminosity of the workspace and to the type of work required. This regulation is activated by a next-generation touch dimmer that makes the regulation of light intensity easy and intuitive. Just pass your finger over the sensor to increase or decrease the amount of light, and, thanks to an internal memory chip, you can program your preferred intensity settings so as not to require adjustment every time you use the lamp. A quick touch of the backlit blue power switch turns the lamp on and off in a perfect balance of design and functionality, easy to find even in the dark.
Kinx adapts perfectly to the organization of your work surface. The overall dimensions are 67 centimeters in length and 43 centimeters in height. The head extends beyond the base, ensuring the necessary freedom of movement and above all optimizing the space inside the illuminated visual field for the placement of other work tools, without the lamp getting in the way.
Thanks to the use of LED bulb, Kinx ensures a reduced consumption of just 7.5W. Among the other advantages is a 5V/1A USB port on the base that enables you to charge your other devices in the absence of other electrical outlets near your desk. The USB port uses the power feed of the lamp itself and is robust enough to charge smartphones and tablets. The base also features a convenient receptacle for odds and ends. The base is weighted to ensure optimal stability, so the lamp will never tip over. And the interchangeable plug is designed for use anywhere in the world (EU, UK, USA), without the need for adaptors.
Kinx is available in white, black and pink – three colors that allow the widest possible range of users to express their individual personality and style. Kinx is perfect both for students and professionals, adaptable to any context, whether classic or contemporary. The glossy scratch-resistant coating guarantees durability over time.

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