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SPEC Sheet

Stitches is a family of two lamps designed by Egbert-Jan Lam of Netherlands-based Burojet Design Studio: Stitches Bamako and Stitches Tombuctú each have a distinctive embroidery-like pattern. To make these lamps, veneer strips are crafted in a traditional sewing-style fashion. In the same way that a garment is traditionally finished with a hem, the Stitches lamp has a visible hemstitch that is accentuated when lit.

Tombuctú is the Spanish name for Timbuktu. Stitches Tombuctú’s singular shape is an allusion to the adobe mosques of Mali and the country’s long history as a producer of embroidery.

Stitches Tombuctú is available in the following wood veneers: Ivory White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Grey, Pale Rose, and Sea Blue.

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