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Designed by Ray Power, Lola showcases the designer’s ability to create imaginative three-dimensional forms. Lola is a conical lamp with an intricate geometric pattern. A veritable labour of love, Lola’s shape went through many iterations, drawings and prototypes, before arriving at the finished form. A particularly piquant Spanish name, Lola is very much alive, sensuous, and intriguing. An avant-garde lamp, Lola’s complex woven veneer construction is beautifully accentuated when lit.

Lola Table is delightfully piquant—a spicy table lamp, filled with character and charm. The Lola Table is available in Small and Medium sizes, ideally suited to a side table or countertop.

The Lola Table is available in Ivory White or Natural Beech wood veneers. The metal base is available in Black, Matt Ivory, Matt Nickel, and Gold finishes.

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