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Derived from the ancient Greek ὑφ' ἕν (huph' hén), Hyphen literally refers to the union of two into one. The Hyphen collection unites opposites and comes in a variety of materials: warm, soft and sensitive porcelain is joined by cold, strong and shiny steel.
The curved Hyphen luminaires are versatile and can be used as pendant or table lamps. In the pendant model, the two cylindrical bodies are joined by a swivel that offers multiple light positions and orientations projecting a soft directional light.
Like every Armes fixture, Hyphen is designed and manufactured in Morin-Heights, Quebec. The porcelain pieces are made in the same village, by ceramic artist Gréta Jonckheere, who lent her expertise to the development of Hyphen. Made one by one with the greatest care, the porcelain modules require several stages of fabrication spread over several days. The molds are designed and manufactured in Montreal.

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