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Product Details

SPEC Sheet

Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp with Auto/Manual Selectable Modes
designed by Klaus Nolting

It‘s a well-known fact that a cube has six sides. In fil, the sides consist of a solar panel that is embedded flush in translucent fabric. A second inner cube of translucent polycarbonate creates a uniform light effect.

The integrated function button allows you to choose between manual and automatic mode. In automatic mode, the luminaire turns ON automatically at sunset to the light level you preset, and then automatically turns OFF after 5 hours. In manual mode, the function button is used for switching on and off., including 3 steps of dimming.

fil is covered with weatherproof, UV-resistant outdoor fabric that emanates brightness in a very pleasant way. Our Bauhaus-inspired luminaire is available in a height of 19 and 28 inches.

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