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Ideal to furnish the setting with its generous dimensions and a soft and sunny design, the Bahia wall lamp is a harmony of lights and shadows. White, pure and absolute, it offers sensational visual depth.

Brand: Foscarini
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Product Details

Bahia is a wall and ceiling lamp that is seductive and captivating, thanks to the special nature of its design and the innovative interplay of light and shade that it produces. Its appeal is the result of three overlapping planes that have a slightly asymmetrical pro$le and reciprocal placement. The $rst two house the light source, accompanying the light that %ows over their concave surface and vanishes towards the edges. The third element completes the composition, silhouetted through backlight with a strong, contrasting design. Every ray that emanates from Bahia is contained of light and shade, which make it both a lighting object and luminous decoration. Bahia is offered in total white, to underline its essential dramatic nature and its essence, without being ostentatious. It decorates a whole wall alone, with very little width, or can be used to create multiple compositions that are luminous archipelagos in both the home and the public spaces.

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