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Lake is a wall lamp with a fluid and surprising light, which comes to life inside the fold located along the external edge and runs inwards, on its glossy, asymmetrical surface.

Brand: Foscarini
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Product Details

A dense ink stain that spreads in water, the overhead view of a lake, with an irregular pro le just like many of the shapes we nd in nature. These are some of the pictures that spring to mind when we look at Lake, a wall lamp which stands out for its organic, asymmetrical shape lled with colour. The slim space tucked within the bent edge of the lamp accommodates and conceals the LED light source, which casts a fluid light from this unusual location: from the external edge, the light is diffused inwards, shining along the glossy surface. When lit, the dense hues of the red and white di+users gleam and come to life. When the lamp is switched off, Lake retains its decorative power and elegant personality. With to its asymmetrical shape, Lake is especially ideal for compositions of colour, light and movement to large walls.


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