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Is a place of emotions.

Brand: Davide Groppi
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Product Details

SPEC Sheet

Light, thread-like, ephemeral, abstract, it's an ideogram without weight.
Absence and essence of light.

It's the emotion of indirect light with an aesthetic balanced between Scandinavia and Japan, two cultures seemingly far apart, but in reality very close to each other.
At the top, an open circle of thin metal, like a hook for soul fishers.
It is the result of a reflection by Davide Groppi and Giorgio Rava on twentieth-century art and on Fausto Melotti's "fine sculptures", metaphysical matter invading the space with a light, musical rhythm.
Anima is a lamp to place on the floor or on low furniture, to keep close or to create depth. It's a lamp to be appreciated in its entirety for its essentiality and scenic power.

Anima has been selected by the Observatoire Permanent du Design for the ADI Design Index 2022.

AZ Award 2022
Archiproducts Design Award 2021


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