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Portable lamp H10.1 inch SAMY RIO

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SPEC Sheet

A contraction of ‘quasi-stellar’, the Quasar portable lamp lights up your world with its three different hues (warm, neutral, and cold white). In scientific terminology, a Quasar is a star-like body that is considered to be the brightest of all. Its circular appearance and its light properties inspired Samy Rio and Petite Friture as they worked on their first wireless lamp.

Quasar is a cordless lamp with a sleek, fun style. Built using LED technology, this lamp guarantees bright, sustainable, and environmentally friendly lighting. Equipped with a dimmer that can be set to three different intensities, Quasar adapts to whatever mood you are seeking to create. Its long-lasting battery can last up to 12 hours non-stop between charges.

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