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Plass takes the charm of traditional Venetian glass pearls to a larger scale, also drawing its inspiration there for both shape and colours. A suspension lamp with a singular surface, purposely “imperfect” vibrates with light from the inside.

Brand: Foscarini
Article number: FOS2240071 25 UL
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Product Details

Plass - the name is a synthesis of “plastic” and “glass” –interprets the millennia-old artisan tradition of glass making, in the light of a contemporary process and material: rotationally-moulded transparent polycarbonate. Thanks to this technology, which is not yet widely used in the lighting sector, the finishes are not cold and impersonal, but feature slight irregularities, highlighted by the light source, as in handmade glass. The colours chosen for the diffuser –aquamarinefand grey –are inspired by Murano glass and venetian craftsmanship. As well as evoking an atmosphere and an emotion, the color helps define the shape of the lamp, highlighting the thickness of the incisions on its surface. Suspended between memory and modernity, Plass characterises large spaces, including high ones, alone or in multiple compositions.


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