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The brainchild of master designer Konstantin Grcic, Noctambule by FLOS is a futuristic lighting system that blends innovation, efficiency and aesthetics. Its transparent hand-blown glass cylinder is surrounded by discrete LED technology on top and at the bottom, thus making the foundation of the lamp stylish and stunning. The user can attach additional components to the fixture in order to experiment with different styles of lighting. This helps create columns of light at varying heights that light up at the intersecting points between each module or unit. Noctambule LED dimmable floor lamp cylinders, cone, bowl top, large base can be configured as a hanging lamp or a standing light, depending on the need and preferences. Its dimming capabilities can be set through the power supply unit within the ceiling rose, or via a pedal panel on the power cord. The modern lamp's cylindrical body is available at both a low and high height, while users can choose between the dome-shaped head or cone-shaped head for a more direct light source. Other NOCTAMBULE floor lamps options: NOCTAMBULE FLOOR LAMP WITH 1 - 4 LOW CYLINDERS & SMALL BASE NOCTAMBULE FLOOR WITH 1 - 3 HIGH CYLINDERS & SMALL BASE NOCTAMBULE FLOOR WITH CONE TOP & SMALL BASE Inspiration behind the design: Inspired by night owls, Noctambule by Konstantin Grcic features a transparent body that almost blends into a room when unlit, but makes its presence known when it illuminates at night.

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