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The Rabbit Lamp by Front is faithful to the true dimensions of the animal bringing a touch of nature in fairy tale style and genuine madness.  By rejecting abstraction and taking inspiration from a living creature it delivers a powerful emotive content that never fails to elicit a strong response from onlookers.  Who wouldn't want a rabbit lamp to light up their home?


Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren are the members of the Swedish design group Front.

Their works are based on common discussions, explorations and experiments and they are all involved in the projects from initial ideas to the final product.
Front's design objects often communicate a story to the observer about the design process, about the material it is made of or about conventions within the design field.
In their work they have assigned part of the making of design to animals, computers or machines.
They have made a constantly changing interior, created objects with explosions, robotic furniture and a range of furniture inspired by their fascination with magic.



PVC/cotton laminate on metal structure, rabbit polyester


54x28,5cm | 21.3"x11.2" (HxW)