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The Heracleum III Linear is a design not possible with normal wires. It’s powered by Electrosandwich, a technique of coating conductive layers.

Brand: Moooi
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SPEC Sheet

Don’t confuse the new Heracleum III Linear with its Endless sibling. Look closely and you’ll see blossoms gently sweeping upwards at either side, making the Heracleum III Linear perfect to hang above long surfaces, like your dining table or kitchen island. Like the other designs in the Heracleum family, the lean branches are powered by Electrosandwich, by Marcel Wanders studio.

The Heracleum III Linear, available in four colours, is inspired by the flowering plant of the same name. Its bloom frozen in time. This most recent design in the Heracleum family is compatible with our Wireless Wall Switch and contains bright LEDs; together they offer a higher light output that creates a warm glow.

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