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In 2011 a small team, with a big passion for design, embarked on a mission to bring a fresh perspective on lighting technology.  Before long, Juniper would become one of the early pioneers of the burgeoning Brooklyn contemporary lighting scene. Today, Juniper is a fully integrated design studio and manufacturing shop focused on producing proprietary products and custom contract solutions.

Our business was formed around the belief that good design is essential and holds the power to transform people and places in meaningful ways. We do this by combining design and technology into innovative lighting solutions for our rapidly changing needs, while also pushing the limits of design and detail to bring a sense of discovery and amazement to each and every person who experiences our products.

Our collection is made up of thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered lighting products. Each piece is defined by a new technological challenge; be it material manipulation, electronic innovation or mechanical invention. We believe that amazement occurs when one witnesses the unusual. And so, every one of our collaborations begins with an intent and a challenge to produce something outside of the norm, in a way that we consider meaningful and useful. Sometimes this innovation is in the details, and sometimes it is at the very core of the product.

We are proud that our collection is recipient of multiple design awards including Core 77 Best Product and A’ Design Award Gold.  Our products have been featured in multiple design anthologies and publications from across the globe.