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The Taraxacum 88 lamp was created in 1960. The original design contained bulbs hidden under a transparent diffuser. In 1988, the design was revamped into a mixture of deep incandescent lighting adding cool, polished triangular aluminum features. Marking the year of its new design the Taraxacum was re-named the "Taraxacum 88".

The core of this Achille Castiglioni designed decorative hanging light fixture comprises of 20 pressed and polished aluminum equilateral triangles fitted with electrical sockets. These sockets are filled with 60 clear 25 watt globe lamps. The suspension fixture provides direct and reflected incandescent light. The finish is transparent. See the video here.

As put by Castiglioni himself, "It is a bit of a blow to energy-saving but a big chandelier is meant for community areas, lobbies and rooms that need a lot of light for special occasions and so it also needs to be decorative."

Inspiration Behind the Design:
The name "Taraxacum" comes from the scientific word for the very common plant -- the dandelion. Castiglioni has managed to encapsulate the very shape of a dandelion in this modern pendant light design.