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Is it a spaceship, a luminous chest, the letter of a new alphabet? The O-Space suspension lamp is all this and more, an unmistakable sign in space.

Brand: Foscarini
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Product Details

What is O-Space? A luminous, sensual spaceship, a jewel case containing an invisible light source or a form that can be set in any furnishing or life style? The value of this suspension lamp is that it is a universal symbol, a container that everyone can &ll with its own meaning: like the vowel of a new alphabet. OSpace’s graphic sign is actually a flattened sphere cut on two sides. In this soft yet geometric form that has a strong impact and is extremely original, the illumination is both reflected inside and directed downwards. The polyurethane shell, chosen fot its lightness and solidity, protects from dazzle and hides the electricity leads, creating a completely free space inside.


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