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Toio is the humorous translation of the English word “toy” coined by the designers of this inventive lamp that has an industrial look. The Toio floor Lamp is a timeless design that has won many awards and has been placed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of their permanent collection.

The Toio floor lamp has an enamel steel base which supports a hexagonal nickel plated brass stem and along the lamp's nickel-plated brass hexagonal stem are fishing rod rings used to guide the electrical cord from bulb to transformer. A cleat on the base, like that found on a boat or ship, serves as a functional element designed to keep the cord neatly coiled in when the lamp is adjusted to a lower height.

The lamp can be placed in any indoor area. It comes with an incandescent bulb and provides indirect light with an adjustable height. Available in black or red finish.

Inspiration Behind the Design:
The contemporary floor lamp was designed by brothers Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, who got the inspiration from a car headlight imported from the United States in 1962, the same year it was designed.

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