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The SKYGARDEN S pendant lamp was designed by Marcel Wanders in 2007.

The hemispherical outer diffuser of the SKYGARDEN S pendant lamp makes a certain impression with its sheer size, however, it is the inner diffuser in cast plaster painted white, the namesake of the lamp, visible oncly when you stand underneath it, that is the highlight of this lamp.

The plaster diffuser support is die-cast aluminum alloy. The pendant lamp’s upper cable gland and blocking ring nut come in black injection-molded PC. Shaped adjustment screws are included. The upper and lower silicone shock absorbers are injection-molded and transparent. The lamp-holder and fixing support come in PPS. The diffuser is flashed and blown opal glass. The molded fixing ring nut is die-cast aluminum alloy with an alodine plating. The frieze is photo-etched and mechanically drawn AISI 304 steel. The ceiling attachment is molded and galvanized steel ceiling attachment. It has a gray, injection-molded PA6 (Nylon) rose, steel wire and a FEP/SIL UV-stabilized transparent power cord.

The SKYGARDEN S emits diffused light and is available in black, brown, bronze, gold or with diffusers in 2 sizes (models):

SKYGARDEN S1: 11.8" x 23.6"
SKYGARDEN S2: 17.7" x 35.4"

Inspiration Behind the Design:
The SKYGARDEN was inspired by a house Marcel Wanders once lived in, which had an old and ornate plaster ceiling. He called it his “Skygarden”. Wanting to take his “Garden on the ceiling” with him when he moved out, this modern pendant lamp discreetly displays the intricate work etched as part of his history.

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