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We use 3D printed ceramic and clandestine LEDs to make a new kind of light.  Each fixture’s unibody is illuminated as if by an invisible bulb, inverting its perception as the interior surfaces become the light source.

For millennia, ceramic has been used for its strength, plasticity, heat resistance, sustainability and material warmth.  Today, digital modeling and fabrication have enabled the unprecedented realization of complex hollow structures.  Incorporating the capabilities of each, our fixtures' internal details conceal and interface with LEDs, wiring, diffusers and custom hardware.  After glazing and firing, the perfectly smooth and clean forms show no hint of their computerized origins or the contents within.

The end result is a series of pure ceramic geometries that enigmatically illuminate both themselves and their environment without discernible aid from a light source.

The entire series is winner of Blueprint's 2016 Best Product award.

Assembled in Brooklyn with parts from Europe, Asia, Queens and Manhattan.

Design by Christo Logan.  Photography by Juan Ude.

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