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Brand: Tom Dixon
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Product Details

Evocative scents and unctuous lotions combined to create the indulgent in Christmas presents. Designed to engage the senses, our Eclectic scents of Orientalist proffer olfactory notes of nostalgia, escapism, and exotic adventures across far-off lands. Includes an Eclectic Orientalist Candle Medium, Hand Wash and Hand Balm.

There are a series of intangibles that can be just as important in interior-design as colour, luminosity and shape. Often, the most potent first impression and subsequent memory of a space can be its smell. The Eclectic family of Tom Dixon scents are each contained in a corresponding Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel hand-spun vessel. The larger and medium candles each come with a solid marble lid. Eclectic also explores the Bathroom and the Kitchen sink with a focus on cleansing rituals and lotions. 

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