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Brand: Tom Dixon
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Our exploration of the intangibles that can be just as important as the usual interior-design armoury of colour, luminosity, shape and comfort has led to a series of scented and decorative objects inspired by materiality.

Alloy: Gravity cast aluminium vessel, made from steel moulds. Machined back on the base, top and inside of the vessel. Embossed branding included as part of the mould.

Oil: Glass vessel, mouth blown into a metal mould to create surface texture, this product is then painted black and finished with an irridescent paint and metalic decal.

Quartz: Glass vessel, pulled, pressed and stretched into an unexpectedly complex and unique container. A metalic decal is applied on the base to finish.

Stone: Marble vessel turned and polished back to ensure smooth even finish. Brass branding plate applied to the base to finish.

Width:  6-8cm/2.36-3.35in
Height:  7.5cm/2.95in

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