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The Sawaru lamp for FLOS is an excellent example of the studio’s ability to reimagine the products around us. Can two cylinders rolled together make a floor lamp? Sato proves that the answer is yes—and his unexpected union of these basic geometries offers

Brand: Flos
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Product Details

The base and light source of Sawaru can be adjusted to unite at three different angles—25, 40, and 60 degrees—by attaching a pin into the base. Therefore, both the overall appearance of the lamp and the directionality of its glow can be modified to suit the specific needs of the site. Furthermore, the base can be removed so that the light can sit directly on the floor, casting illumination up. The extruded aluminum body comes in a painted or galvanized finish, and four colors—black, white, bright gold, and blue gray—provide a unique effect. A dimmer pedal on the power cord adjusts both light intensity and color temperature.


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