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The Chrysalis floor lamp was designed by Marcel Wanders in 2011.

The internal structure of the Chrysalis is made of steel. The "cocoon" resin used in the diffuser coat was originally used by the Castiglioni Brothers & Tobia Scarpa in the 60’s. While the method to produce this resin has remained the same, it has been enhanced and tempered to cater to the shape of the modern floor lamp.

The Chrysalis is equipped with two light sources that are controlled by dual pedal switches mounted on a power cable. The body of the fixture is lit with a 54W T5 fluorescent and the pattern is projected from the top of the fixture with a 60W T4 halogen. Both bulbs are included. The second switch controls the halogen at the top for the projection of the decorative frieze onto the ceiling. The Chrysalis floor lamp emits diffused light.

The base of the lamps is printed ABS. The frieze is a silk-screened glass placed at the top end of the reflector obtained by spinning. The lamp comes with a 112 inch power cable.

Inspiration Behind the Design:

The designer, Marcel Wanders, derived his inspiration from the "chrysalis", which is a butterfly’s pupa. Just like the transformation of a chrysalis to a beautiful butterfly, this “Magic Vase” shines flowers through light hiding inside.

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