Tom Dixon Stone Serve Board

Accueil / Stone Serve Board

$150.00 CAD Sans les taxes
Marque: Tom Dixon
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Détails du produit

Marble. Just to think of the millions of years, unimaginable pressures and heat involved in the creation of these beautiful rocks. This hard, semi-precious surface which bears a unique fingerprint has transfixed architects, sculptors and designers for millennia, and for us too this is the dream material – tough yet tactile, heavy and long-lasting with individual personality. We have used white marble for delicate lights, sturdy chopping boards and elegant candle holders.

Technical Specification
Product type : Product Family
Product family :Stone
Product SKU : STCB02
Launched : 2016
Colours : Light GreyLight Grey
Height(inches) : 3.00
Width(inches) : 20.20
Weight : 1.90 lbs