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F1 High Cylinder and Cone Small Base
F3 High Cylinder and Bowl Big Base
F2 High Cylinder and Cone Small Base

Crafted by Konstantin Grcic, FLOS Noctambule is a new lighting system that is available in a wide variety of designs. The foundation of this lighting product is a hand-blown transparent glass cylinder that is powered by LED technology at the top and bottom. Its multiple units come together to create light columns at different heights, which in turn illuminate at the intersection between each unit or module.


Noctambule LED dimmable pendant light with cone shade by FLOS also features complementing components that can be experimented with to configure the fixture as a pendant lamp or standing lamp. The user can combine product’s cylindrical body (available at a low and high height) with a cone- or dome-shaped head which provides direct lighting. The user can control Noctambule’s dimming capabilities in the power unit within the ceiling rose or as a pedal-operated panel in the power cord.

Inspired by night owls, Noctambule by Konstantin Grcic features a transparent body that almost blends into a room when unlit, but makes its presence known when it illuminates at night.