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Détails du produit

Fiche Technique

Designed by Philippe Starck in 2013, this standing floor lamp also functions as a bookshelf as well as a portable device charger.

The base, rod stand and diffuser stand are chrome-plated die-cast zinc. The base cover is a zinc-plated P04 steel sheet. The internal diffuser and lamp-holder stand are opal colored injection die-stamped PCs. The upper ring is a clear injection die-stamped PC. The brackets are polished stainless steel. The base comes with a USB outlet allowing most common smartphones and tablets to be charged (max 2A) with. The Bibliotheque Nationale floor lamp emits diffused light.

The Bibliotheque Nationale standing floor lamp is available with diffusers in the following options: aluminized bronze, aluminized silver, fumee, plisse cloth, transparent

Inspiration Behind the Design:
Phillippe Starck calls it "a magic bookcase where the books take flight towards the light."