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La lampe de table Hexx est le fruit de l'union entre deux prismes hexagonaux différents, réalisés en tôle perforée et superposés de manière à ce que les trames ne coïncident pas entre elles.

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Brand: Foscarini
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The Hexx table lamp is the result of a union of two different hexagonal prisms made of perforated sheet, overlapping one another so that the meshes of both items do not cross. A simple idea which creates a fascinating play of light. Hexx is fitted with two light sources and dual switch, to create special ever-changing atmospheres. The upper light source is directed upwards and offers a functional light that shines by reflection, whereas the lower light source generates a magical luminous atmosphere, drawing light patterns on the surface on which it is placed as well as on the walls. There are two finishes available: black, minimalist and graphic, or green, with a reference to the oxidation of copper.


Material: Varnished steel and silkscreen printed glass

Color: black

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