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Brand: Flos
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Product Details

Specification Sheet

The Kelvin LED Green Mode is part of the Kelvin LED Family. First designed in 2009, it was later upgraded to the Kelvin LED Green Mode I in 2013.

Antonio Citterio, in collaboration with Taon Nguyen, designed this table light which comes with a daylight sensor which, when activated, based on the brightness of the surrounding areas, will automatically modify its light output.

The adjustable table lamp has a fused aluminum alloy body, a double pantograph arm and an adjustable die-cast aluminum outer head with an injection-molded methacrylate diffuser.

The Kelvin LED Green has five models available in anthracite, black, chrome, copper (limited edition), pink (limited edition), white:

1. Base

2. Clamp Support

3. Desk Support( Hidden Cable)

4. Desk Support (Visible Cable)

5. Wall Mount

Take a look at the Kelvin LED Green Mode II (with daylight and motion sensor) as well as the entire Kelvin LED Family.

Inspiration Behind the Design:

Antonio Citterio & Toan Nguyen have immense experience in the field of Industrial Design. They had a very clear vision in mind when designing this classic light. Antonio Citterio says “With Kelvin, my intent was to start with a spring system and add an essential design. The project takes its design cue from a clamp, which becomes the base, and which explicitly evokes the image of a technical object, with an engineering matrix, inspired by bridges and tensile structures.”

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